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Visit of Professor Niethammer

July 2019 : Professor Marc Niethammer is visiting The Bézout LabEx, hosted by François-Xavier Vialard (LIGM) for one month.

Marc Niethammer is a professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a joint appointment in the Department of Computer Science and with the Biomedical Research Imaging Center. His research interests lie in the areas of medical image analysis and image based-control and estimation theory.

Visit of Professor Utkir Rozikov

June 2019 : Professor Utkir Rozikov is visiting the Bézout LabEx, hosted by Arnaud Le Ny and Lingmin Liao (LAMA) for one month.

Utkir Rozikov is a researcher at the Institute of Mathematics, Department Algebra and Analysis in Taskent (Uzbekistan). His research project is : Non-Linear Dynamical Systems : Evolution of Sex-linked populations and thermodynamics of spin systems related to the physics of graphs.

Visit of Professor Zvavitch

May 2019 : Professor Zvavitch is visiting the Bézout LabEx, hosted by Matthieu Fradelizi (LAMA) for one month.

Professor Zvavitch is Professor at Kent State University. His main research interests are Convex Geometry, Geometric Functional Analysis, and applications of Probability and Harmonic Analysis to those subjects.