Master’s scholarships


The Bézout Labex offers, each year, 7 scholarships for outstanding students who wish to study at the master’s level in University Paris-Est in an integrated program combining mathematics and computer science: the “Bézout excellence program”. The Bézout excellence program combines courses, given either in English or in French, from two existing master’s programs in mathematics and computer science (second year, a.k.a. “M2”). Each admitted student is enrolled in one track of one of these master’s programs; interdisciplinarity is ensured by the fact that each student has to succeed in one or two courses from the other master. This offers the opportunity to acquire sought-after skills in both mathematics and computer science, which can be used in academia or industry.

In particular, a new mathematics and computer science track, common to both master’s programs, is specifically devoted to the interfaces between mathematics and computer science; all courses of this track are taught in English. As this track is already interdisciplinary, the students who choose this track do not have to follow any additional course (as an exception to the previous paragraph).  However, the other tracks of the mathematics and computer science master’s programs are also open to the Bézout scholars.

In the French academic system, the M2 year is the last year of tuition.  Most of the year is devoted to courses at the research level. Then, an initiation to research (3 to 4 months in a research laboratory) is proposed, which constitutes an introduction to doctoral work before starting a thesis.  The Bézout fellow students are strongly encouraged to choose one of the laboratories of the Bézout Labex for this initiation to research.

Intended audience and practicalities

This one-year program is open to students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or computer science and have passed the first year of a master’s or PhD program.

Each scholarship consists of around 1300 €/month during 11 months.  (The president of University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée has announced that the university registration fees will not increase for the non-EU students in 2019-2020; accordingly, the Labex will pay the university registration fees for all the Bézout master’s students enrolled in this scholarship program, who will only have to pay a mandatory 90 € yearly fee for the health system.)

See also the practical informations on the academic environment.

How to apply

The application website for 2019 is closed (decisions have been made and applicants have been notified).  For 2020, the deadline will be around May.

After this program

The best students at the end of the program will be invited to start a PhD in the Bézout Labex; we have a number of possibilities for support. A joint supervision with the student’s national doctoral framework, leading to both PhD grades, is possible.