Meeting of the Scientific Board

January 10, 2020 — The scientific board of the Bézout Labex will be gathered for a one-day meeting, with an extensive presentation of the Labex and scientific talks.  This event will take place in bâtiment Copernic, Cité Descartes, from 9:30am to 6pm (at the latest).


The members of the scientific board are:

More details will be made available later on this page.

Tentative program

09:30 welcome; coffee internal to the scientific board members
10:00 presentation of the Labex, past and present
10:40 research area 1
11:00 research area 2
11:20 break
11:40 research area 3
12:00 research area 4
12:20 research area 5
12:40 lunch (registration will be mandatory)
14:00 two scientific talks
15:00 the future of the Labex
15:30 break internal to the scientific board members
15:50 discussion with the direction of the Labex and the three laboratories
16:30 internal discussion of the scientific board
17:15 the end