The director of the Bézout Labex is Éric Colin de Verdière, a CNRS research director and a member of LIGM.   The deputy director is Étienne Sandier, a professor at UPEC and a member of LAMA.  (The previous heads were Stéphane Jaffard, 2011-2014, and Philippe Loubaton, 2014-2018, assisted by Hajer Bahouri, 2014-2018.)

Administrative assistance

The secretary of the Labex is Nathalie Gambiny.

Executive committee

The scientific animation of the Labex is performed by the executive committee, which meets at least twice a year and is consulted every important decision. It is composed of:

  • the head and the vice-head of the Bézout Labex,
  • the coordinators of each research area,
  • the head of each research unit,
  • the head of the master’s programs,
  • the person in charge of the relations with industry and valorization aspects,
  • the person in charge of the Bézout fellow students,
  • the head of the MSTIC doctoral school.

Advisory board

The medium- to-long-term guidance is ensured by an advisory board, composed of internationally recognized scientists specialized in the areas coverd by the Labex.  This board is currently being renewed, and the new one will be fully operational in 2019.

Council of members

This council gathers representatives of the leading institution (Université Paris-Est) and of the five referent institutions (CNRS, UPEC, UPEM, ENPC, and ESIEE).  It monitors and advises the Bézout Labex on a yearly basis.