Testimonials of Alumni

We interviewed some of our former master fellows…

THI THU HUONG  NGUYEN originally from Vietnam, she took the Bézout Master’s program in 2014/2015. Specialized in Statistics Theory applying in Finance, she is writing a thesis entitled “Estimation of the jump processes”.

1/ What have been the major steps in your education?

I had a great passion in mathematics when I entered High School for the gifted in Mathematics and graduated my license in advanced program about mathematics at Hanoi University of Science.  I have begun to realize that mathematics is actually beautiful and it makes everything easy.  This became more and more clearly when I completed my Master 2 in Applied Mathematics at Université Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée in Labex Bézout program. Here, I gained profound and deep understanding of the language of mathematics with an aim to apply mathematics to different fields.

2/ Why did you choose this matter ?

 The program was of high international quality and closed relevant to my academic expectations. A master’s program in Probability and Statistic gave me the opportunity to gain specialized expertise within a field that particularly captured my interest during my bachelor’s degree studies. Moreover, studying in France was also very fascinating for me.

3/ What did you appreciate in this master’s program?

Thanks to Labex Bezout who gave me an opportunity to continue my passion of research with advanced environment where I had the opportunity of following courses given by the famous professors. People in here were extremely welcoming and supportive.  Moreover, I had chance to meet French and international students who helped me to adapt to daily life in France.

4/ What are you doing right now ?

I began my Ph.D. thesis under the direction of Emmanuelle Clement and the co-direction of Arnaud Gloter in October 2015 at Université Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée. Now, I work in applied mathematics, specialized in Statistics Theory applying in Finance with the topic “Estimation of the jump processes”.

5/ What are the advantages of training like the Bezout Master’s for a foreigner student?

This program would be very interesting for international students. Besides having a chance to participate in an excellence and diversity of the advanced program in Mathematics, the program offers the French language course and have chance to live in a comfortable and well-equipped campus.


KACPER PLUTA originally from Poland, he took the Bézout Master’s program in 2013/2014. He has defended a thesis in 2017.

1/ What have been the major steps in your education ?

I think it was when I started to work with Marcin Janaszewski, my engineering thesis supervisor. Before he became my supervisor, I was dismissed from his lectures for solving homework too fast and to occupy myself separately with a supervised project. Later he proposed to work on scientific projects related to modeling of the human bronchus. Influenced by the work with Marcin Janaszewski I became interested in science and I changed my mind about my future career.

2/ Why did you choose this Master ?

During my studies in Poland I became interested in digital geometry and I’ve heard about researchers from the University Paris-Est working in this field of science. Since I was familiar with their work I knew that the university has a very good reputation what I found very attracting and convincing. Later on, I also learned that it provides very promising master programs.

3/ What did you appreciate in this Master’s program ?

Classes were very interesting and well-prepared, and met the newest state of the art level in my fields of interest. I also appreciate the easiness of communication with professors and their openness to discuss topics even after classes

4/ What are you doing right now ?

I did my master thesis with supervision of Yukiko Kenmochi and Hugues Talbot, who proposed me a thesis related to digitized rigid motions. I started my PhDthesis with Mrs. Kenmochi and my co director Pascal Romon in September 2014. We also collaborate with Nicolas Passat from the University de Reims Champagne-Ardenne and Guillaume Moroz from INRIA Nancy-Grand-Est. Recently, we are about to start new projects with David Cœurjolly and Tristan Roussillon from the University of Lyon and Phuc Ngo from LORIA Nancy. Currently, I also discover other fields of science by collaboration with other PhD students at the University Paris-Est – namely geotechnical engineering – which is new and very challenging for me.

5/ What are the advantages of training like the Bezout Master’s  for a foreigner student ?

This program is a very interesting opportunity for students who aspire achieving a master degree of high quality. It is also good chance to meet people from around the world and making connections for future work.