PhD positions

The Bézout Labex has several sources of support for PhD fellowships each year.  Interested students should contact the potential advisor.  See also the practical informations on the academic environment.

PhD fellowships via the Bézout Labex

Every year, the Bézout Labex offers half a fellowship for students who wish to prepare a PhD in the laboratories of the Labex.  Priority is given to the students who work on a topic of interest from at least two of the three laboratories, or on one of the research areas of the Labex.  This half-fellowship is completed typically by the MSTIC doctoral school or by ENPC.  The application deadline is May 2021.  The application is submitted by the potential advisor.

PhD fellowships via the DIM Math Innov

The DIM Math Innov supports PhD fellowships in mathematics for the laboratories of its members in the Paris area, in particular the Bézout Labex.  The information will be available very soon (see last year) here; the deadline is May 2021.  The application is typically submitted by the applicant.

PhD fellowships via the laboratories

Each laboratory of the Labex has other sources of support, typically via the MSTIC doctoral school, ENPC, or research grants.